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Marlie Timmermans

Marlie Timmermans (Dutch) Founder and chairman                                                                              Marlie: When I originally left the Netherlands to live in Thailand in 2011, I never expected to see so many street dogs that were in desperate need of help and compassion. I saw so many street dogs that desperately needed help, so I decided to intervene and started up Project Street Dogs Thailand this was way back in 2011, to try and help and educate people to help and care for these lovely dogs that had nobody to care for them. I started to take sick and injured dogs and cats to a vet and then realised that wasn’t enough. I started to have dogs sterilized and neutered to stop they cycle of unwanted dogs, and making sure I could help them with medical attention. Many things are needed vaccinations, medication love and support. In May 2014, I had to leave Thailand due to many circumstances but continued to monitor Project Street Dogs Thailand and every day I work endlessly to raise money from donations to keep Project street Dogs Thailand running and to help poor defenseless animals that are abandoned or just kicked out and left to find food and warmth. In February 2015, “Project Street Dogs Thailand” became an Official foundation with ANBI status in the Netherlands. I work on a daily basis with Project Street Dogs Thailand and help in every way possible to continue to help poor defenseless animals that need our help. I visit Thailand every year to help and get updates on as many animals as I can. My heart is in Project Street Dogs Thailand, and each year we help so many animals in need of attention. This is Project Street Dogs Thailand. Caring for animals that have not got the chance in life without us.


Marleen van Mierlo

Marleen van Mierlo (Dutch) Secretary and Treasurer
Marleen: I have lived for 7 years in Hua Hin – Thailand. In these years I have seen a lot of animal suffering and wanted to do something about this. That’s why I started as Secretary & Treasurer of Project Street Dogs Thailand. Trough this way I can contribute to this wonderful project.





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