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You can choose for the next sponsor options:

  1. Full sponsor for 25 euro per dog per month
  2. Partial sponsor voor 12,50 euro per dog per month

Please send us an email with your name, birthday, your dog(s) choice and you sponsor choice to (partial or full sponsoring) to:  info@streetdogsthailand.com


What does sponsoring mean?

Your money will go directly to the dog(s) to help pay for their veterinary care and food.


What do you get for your contribution?

-A Certificate.

-A picture of your adopted dog(s).

-A report twice a year about how things are going with your “adopted” dog.

-Lots of gratitude from the dog and all volunteers.


Alone or with others?

Of course you can with your colleagues, classmates, neighbors or friends adopt an animal. Companies are also more than welcome to participate. If it is possible to support more than one animal, please do so!

If you know someone who has everything and is crazy about animals,for his or her birthday, you can offer the perfect gift: a year-long virtual adoption of a dog! If you make a virtual adoption gift, it automatically expires after one year, unless of course the person renews the following year.


We found a partial or full sponsor…

Thank you so much for your sponsoring!

Full sponsors:


Partial sponsors: