TINY (unwanted)

Little Tiny is born in 2013. Left by local people at a Thai temple in Hua Hin in 2013. A Thai temple were we feed dogs. When people left her at the temple, Tiny felt deeply in love on the Alpha male Mr. Grumpy. Since that time both are inseparable and protect each other from danger. Sept. 2017: Grumpy got sick on his eye and his eye needed to removed. Tiny stayed behind at the temple and got timid and only sad. So we decided to take Tiny to her boyfriend at the vet. November 21, 2017 they went together to Saved Souls in Khon Kaen Thailand. a Wonderful safe place for dogs who are unable or unwanted. They will stay together for the rest of their lives in a big run. Getting medical care if necessary and enough food and water and attention. Tiny, but also Grumpy is still looking for a personal sponsor to cover their costs at Saved Souls.