Project Street Dogs Thailand has been registered as a General Benefit Institution (ANBI) in Holland. The information published on this page is consistent with the conditions that apply from the tax authorities for a General Benefit Institution (ANBI). Donations to Project Street Dogs Thailand are eligible for income tax relief within the applicable rules in Holland.

1. Name Organisatie

Project Street Dogs Thailand

2. Kamer van Koophandel and Tax / RSIN number in Holland

Kamer van koophandel number: 62576909

Tax / RSIN nr. 854873089

BTW nr. NL854873089B01

3. Contact


4. Objective and spending donation funds

Project Street Dogs Thailand Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping improve the lives of stray animals on the streets of the Hua Hin district in Thailand.

Our objective is to help reduce the population of stray dogs and cats through sterilization and to provide relief from hunger, thirst and suffering. We seek permanent homes for puppies, adult dogs and cats whenever possible.

We work in cooperation with local veterinarians to spay and neuter as many stray dogs and cats as possible and to ensure they receive vaccines and medication to prevent skin diseases such as mange, eczema, flea and tick infestations.

Project Street Dogs Thailand Foundation also has a partnership with Saved Souls Foundation, an animal sanctuary in the province of Khon Kaen Thailand. Saved Souls is able to accommodate disabled dogs. For these special dogs we have sponsorship programs available. As a sponsor, you can help make lifelong care possible with recurring monthly donations. Project Street Dogs Thailand Foundation also contributes to help with the living conditions and help pay for medical care for the dogs at Saved Souls.

The people at our foundation work exclusively on a volunteer basis and we are completely dependent upon donations. Our volunteers provide food for the many street animals in Hua Hin and are currently caring for many dogs! All donations go towards the benefit and well-being of the stray dogs and cats in Thailand. This is all that matters to us! 

5. Policy

Policy Foundation Project Street Dogs Thailand (Dutch only)

6. Spending apply

All donations are devoted 100% to the welfare of stray dogs and cats in Thailand. No reward/compensation will be paid to the board members or volunteers for their volunteer activities.

To achieve this, we are entirely dependent on donations. We try to recruit volunteers by advertising on Facebook and in cases of of illnesses with a high cost, we ask for sponsors to assist with the cost. In the future we hope to recruit more sponsors for steady income and are always open to suggestions.

7. Statutory Board members

Chairman: Marlie Timmermans

Treasurer: Leontien van Bruggen

Secretary: Kitty Boonman

8. Remuneration policy

Board members receive no remuneration for their work. Foundation Project Street Dogs Thailand works with volunteers who receive no compensation / volunteer contribution.

9. Activities

You can follow our activities on FaceBook and Instagram