Come and volunteer in a wonderful atmosphere and help dogs and other animals rescued from the illegal dog meat trade, car accidents and other abusive situations.

Project Street Dogs Thailand only works with permanent volunteers, but if you are interested in volunteering on a short-term basis, we can offer an amazing opportunity to experience a wonderful adventure as a volunteer through our association with Saved Souls Foundation in Khon Kaen, Thailand.

Name and location: Saved Souls Foundation, Khon Kaen Province, Thailand (north-east of Thailand)


Khon Kaen is the capital city of the province of Khon Kaen which is in Khon Kaen district and has a population of 141,034 according to the last census in 2000. Khon Kaen is located 450 km (approx. 280 miles) from Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand. Life is hard for most animals in Thailand, especially stray animals. The dog the meat trade for human consumption is still very much alive in Thailand, and the torture and abuse these animals go through before they are eaten is horrific! Often these animals are stolen off the streets from their owners and are still wearing their collars!

How to get there: Arrive at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport on an international flight. From Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport you can take a domestic flight to Kohn Kaen. Or take shuttle bus to Don Mueang Airport in Bangkok for a domestic flight to Khon Kaen. Domestic flights must be booked in advance.

It is possible to go by train if you prefer but it takes much longer than going by air. Once you’ve arrived in Khon Kaen a member of Saved Souls will come and pick you up for a fee of 700 Thai Bath (18 euro) (21 USD).

It is around 25 km (16 miles) from Khon Kaen airport to Saved Souls.

Saved Souls Foundation is a well-organized and efficient rescue charity run by the Swiss National Gabriela Leonhard and her Thai partner. With the help of several volunteers over recent years they have been able to save many dogs, especially dogs rescued from the dog meat traders! They have a population of 550 dogs, of which 80 are disabled dogs, as well as 50 cats, 3 pigs and a dozen ducks!!


When you come to volunteer at Saved Souls you can help by doing some of the following:

    • swimming therapy
    • playing/socializing the dogs
    • bathing and grooming
    • cleaning and dressing wounds
    • Cleaning kennels

      …and much more. There is always plenty of work to be done and we guarantee you won’t be bored!!

Who can come, who can volunteer? Everyone is welcome! The minimum period to volunteer is two weeks.

Accommodation: There are a number of accommodations available for volunteers. 

The minimum volunteer period is two weeks. 

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