The stray animals need your help, you can make a difference. Become a sponsor of a disadvantaged dog today!

We always hope that the rescued dogs in Thailand are adopted by loving families, but some animals have a harder time finding a permanent home. Fortunately we have a very good cooperation with Saved Souls Foundation in Khon Kaen Thailand and we are allowed to accommodate our underprivileged dogs at this shelter. Our rescued dogs in this sanctuary are financially dependent on us to provide them with lifelong care.

With a monthly amount of your choice you can contribute to our sponsor project. These contributions will then benefit the dogs who have not yet found a permanent sponsor. If you want to become a permanent sponsor of a certain dog, you can do so with a sponsor amount of 25 euros per month.

You can sponsor a dog for yourself, a special gift for someone or with your colleagues, class or club. You will receive a beautiful certificate with photo, an update a few times a year and a lot of gratitude from your sponsored dog and all volunteers.

Please send us an email with your name and the name of the dog(s) you would like to sponsor to: info@streetdogsthailand.com