Marlie Timmermans (Dutch), founder and chairman: 

When I left The Netherlands to go to Hua Hin in Thailand for 3 years, in 2011 I noticed how stray animals were struggling, trying to survive and how hard they needed help. I decided to intervene, so I started “Project Street Dogs Thailand” in May 2011 to help the stray animals. I took the strays to the vet for sterilizations and took care of sick, injured dogs and cats and vaccinated them. Over the years, volunteers joined helping me and the animals. When I moved back to the Netherlands, the volunteers continued the work. Once a year I go back to Thailand for a period to help and support the volunteers where possible.


Kitty Boonman (Dutch), secretary:

During my travels to Thailand I was touched by the suffering of the stray animals.

In Hua Hin I was allowed to see with my own eyes what a good job is being done by the volunteers of Project Street Dogs Thailand. I am honored to be able to contribute to this project as a board member.




Leontien van Bruggen (Dutch), treasure:

I am familiar with Project Street Dogs Thailand since 2013 by sponsoring temple dog Ansje and supporting the foundation.

I picked up our dog Bo in Hua Hin through this foundation in 2014. In addition to regaining the joy of our new family member, I also saw a lot of misery in those 4 days with the dogs that do not have a warm home, food and care. There is still plenty to achieve!

People asked me several times: “Why all the way to Thailand?” Because animal suffering is limitless, I say. In 2017 again two weeks to Hua Hin, with founder Marlie. Animal suffering is limitless and my love of animals too!



Margot van Vogelpoel (Dutch), ambassador: 

After my trip to Thailand where I followed Marlie Timmermans, founder of Project Street Dogs Thailand Foundation, there was no doubt when I was asked to become an ambassador for this beautiful foundation.

As an ambassador, I will focus on creating more name recognition, recruiting donors and promoting the objectives and mission of Project Street Dogs Thailand Foundation.

“I have always found animal rights and animal welfare important. You can do so much for the animals in need, such as voluntary work, sponsoring, donating, adopting and creating awareness.” You have the power to change their lives!


Helpers on location:


In association with:

-Veterinary Hospital Hua Hin (Samran Boonman)





-Tan Diau Pet Hospital Hua Hin (Dr. Aphichart Jirawat)