Marlie Timmermans Founder

Who are we and how the project started?

Project Street Dogs Thailand was launched by Dutch Marlie Timmermans in may 2011.

When Marlie left The Netherlands to go to Hua Hin in Thailand for 3 years, in 2011 she saw how stray animals were struggling, trying to survive and how hard they needed help. She decided to intervene, so she started “Project Street Dogs Thailand” in May 2011 to help the stray animals. She took the strays to the vet for sterilizations and she took care of sick and injured dogs and cats and vaccinated them. Over the years, people joined helping her and the animals. In February 2015, Project Street Dogs Thailand became an official foundation in the Netherlands, with the so called ANBI status.




Board members:
  • Founder and chairman: Marlie Timmermans (Dutch)
  • Secretary and treasure: Marleen van Mierlo (Dutch)


In cooperation with: